Welcome to my website, my name is Arran Bhansal.

I’m the author of Infertility, Infidelity, and Insanity. For anyone who has ever written a book, they can understand how it can be a thankless task. The love of writing encourages you to start, but along the way you really begin to hate the process. You even promise to remind yourself never to do it again.  Yet, finally when it’s all done, you can’t beat that moment of pure satisfaction. Then you think about writing the next one!

Help, I’m stuck in this vicious cycle!

Hope you enjoy your visit.


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  1. Glad to find someone else with the aspiration of self-publishing like myself. I can completely relate to not wanting to publish again after the process of publishing my first story which is coming out this November. However the end result will make it worth it. By the way, thanks for following “Writer’s Nook.”

    • Thank you very much. I love your blog, especially the piece about the Buddha, he was a fascinating person and lived through a tough time in India believing in the message he was conveying.


  2. I can certainly understand where you are coming from!🙂 Thanks for following Through the Eyes of A Stranger! I will stop by here often. This blog sounds like something I can relate to.

  3. Good luck with it all, Arran. Self-publishing is the only way to go now – no joke, the industry is not as it was, particularly if you’ve got something a bit special or outside the box. It took me twenty years to learn that. I took all that time trying to get one book – my first book – read by an agent or a publisher.

    The horror-story side of it is, I only learned recently (about 2 years ago) that agents are so inundated, most will make their decision to read your sample chapters based on your first sentence of your cover letter. Which means you have to be an advertising specialist, not an author (How the heck can I sell a 600 page broader -than-sci-fi story in ONE sentence).

    After 40 years of writing (counting from a kid) and the last 10 or so resisting self-publishing – and on the very verge of giving it all up and maybe jumping off a bridge – I finally looked into self-publishing and fully embraced it.

    It certainly helped that Amazon (paperback and Kindle) do it for nothing up front, they take their cut from every sale. I’m sure others do that, too.

    Now I’m free from years of trying to get my first story just looked at and finally – finally – have the freedom to continue the series. Book one is published now. So is book two. I’m working on book three.

    It’s not paying the mortgage yet, or even very much, but it takes time to build a reputation and I’m thrilled with every reader that comes along and devours my work, then sits and waits for more. I have a small band of those people now and I feel like I’m getting there (I’m not talking blog followers, I’m talking readers of my books).

    Sorry to ramble on so. What I’m trying to say is – money or not, difficulties or not, follow your heart always because you’ll live a half-life if you don’t. I’m pleased you’re pushing forward and publishing. I wish I’d had the courage ten years ago. There were times I felt I had “wasted” my life following this dream, but the truth is, being a writer is where I am happiest, so I’m doing what I was put here to do.

    Strength to your keyboard always (I was going to say “strength to your pen”, but that doesn’t apply nowadays).

    Cheers! 🙂

  4. Thank you very much for an amazing comment and for taking time to explain how hard things have been for you. I’m so happy that you found self publishing as such an inspiration. We are in the same boat as my story is based on true events and it’s harsh and at times brutal…not sure that’s made for the traditional publication industry.

    Not bitter towards them at all, just happy I’ve found an avenue!!

    Good luck with everything too!!

    Thanks again


    • Thank you very very much for taking time to read my blog!! It will be out soon, likely the end of January at this rate but I’m not in a hurry and want it to be right!!!


  5. Writing and self publishing is a frustrating/satisfying/exhausting process, but the end result is worth it right! After two short stories and one novel, I feel like I am starting to get the hang of it, but I’m not making enough money to give up my day job yet….good luck.

  6. Thank you so much for taking time to come over to my Blog! I haven’t even considered self- publication yet, but I know it’s something I will more than likely ending looking at at some point. What I do know about it is that its a great way to get your work out there!

    Good luck with your writing, I’ll watch out for more of your posts!

    • Thank you so much. I love the website too, especially the book blurbs, will look them up. It was an ordeal getting the first book out, I can’t imagine how you’ve managed two, and are on to the third!

  7. LOL! It may be a vicious cycle to you but I am sure one that is well worth it. Your description of the process reminded me of a mother during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.😀

  8. I’m lucky to never have hated the process. Been daunted and terrified and questioned my sanity for starting the process? Yes. Abso-frikkin-lutely, but hated it? No. I know it’s what I’m meant to do. Without it, I wouldn’t be me. Bet you know exactly what I’m talking about.😛

  9. I don’t have the experience of a novelist; however, I feel I have done my fair share of writing when I was in college. As I tell some of the online students I work with, “But you finished, you came to the conclusion and now you can move on to bigger and better things.” Follow your inspirations because others will be inspired by you.❤

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